The Working Groups and the Task Force of the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change are responsible for the production of the National Assessment Reports. The selection of authors who make up the Working Groups and the Task Force occurred by Public Call for Authors, and invitations were sent to the experts appointed by the members of the Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee is composed by coordinators of the Working Groups and the Task Force, responsible for developing and defining the scopes of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - the First National Assessment Report (RAN1) on Climate Change of PBMC - as well as for coordinating the drafting of reports and guidance to authors and reviewers in this process.

The Steering Committee of PBMC is responsible for approving the final list of authors, the scope proposed by the Scientific Committee and the texts of National Assessment Reports, in its various phases, generally directing the work of the Panel, with deliberative function.

The PBMC Plenary - composed by the Steering Committee, the Scientific Committee and government representatives from federal and state levels – has the attribution of approving the Summary for Policy Makers.

The Assessment Reports will be composed by volumes, corresponding to the activities developed by Working Groups, as it follows

Working Group 1 (WG1)
Assesses the scientific aspects of the climate system and its changes;

Working Group 2 (WG2)

Assesses the impacts of climate change on natural systems and socio-economic positive and negative consequences of climate change and adaptation options to them;

Working Group 3 (GT3)
Assesses options for mitigating climate change;

Task Force Methodologies emission inventories of greenhouse gases (FT)
Working on methodologies for national greenhouse gas inventories of anthropogenic emissions not controlled by the Montreal Protocol and removals by sinks.